Care of your CS after summer

October 2017

Over time, sun, saltwater, chlorine, sand and sun creams can ruin even the sturdiest of costumes. So what’s the solution? The quickest tip is of course to remove salt residues by rinsing the swimming costume under running fresh water – as one should always do after a day at the beach.

When it comes to washing it more thoroughly, however, there are some rules to bear in mind: first of all, avoid using bleach, which damages fibres. The same goes for washing machines at temperatures above 30°C, unless expressly states on the labels: any hotter and you risk damaging the costume’s mesh lining.

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One effective and natural technique for removing traces of saltwater before packing your favourite swim shorts away is to wash the fabric with bicarbonate of soda and coarse salt granules, before storing it in a cloth bag to allow the costume to breathe. It’s also important to not wring it out too vigorously after washing. Instead, to remove excess water, it’s better to roll it in a dry towel, pressing gently so that the towel absorbs the water without ruining the material.

With these tips you can kiss goodbye to faded, ruined fabrics, and keep your favourite Coast Society as good as new, and ready for a new season.

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