Coast Society junior

Like father, like son

July 2017

The Coast Society Junior collection is all about values, shared heritage and memories. Designed for a contemporary man – who’s mature, self-aware, cultured and confident of the values that he wants to pass down through his wardrobe choices, among other things – and his son. Is there anything more wonderful than the father-son bond?

So, swimming costumes now come in miniature formats, featuring the same cuts and patterns that daddy wears, to create a continuity between the generations which goes beyond style alone.

A connection with one’s roots, a passion for the sea and for resort living, and the tradition of luxury menswear are values to pass down to the little ones; this collection speaks to those values in the form of two costumes that share identical construction, materials and workmanship. With matching patterns, designs, colors and details, they’re inspired by the timeless elegance of the 1950s Riviera.

The only difference? The size!

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