Bauhaus Breeze

Coast Society SS17 Collection

March 2017

“He who wishes to become a master of colour must see, feel, and experience each individual colour in its endless combinations with all other colours”

Johannes Itten




Precision, purity and aesthetic perfection defined the Bauhaus movement, with one main objective: to unify arts, crafts and design.

These same values can be found in the Coast Society SS17 collection, with its new swimwear range featuring patterns characterized by geometric and mathematically precise angles, shapes, repetition and interplay. An impeccable, timeless modernity accented by a bountiful summery palette. Iconic marine-motif embroideries reinterpreted in an arty way add a tactile feeling to the collection.

The Polo shirts collection is inspired by windswept natural landscapes and the beauty found in a clean coastal aesthetic. Soft and slouchy sophisticated fabrics come in diluted, watercolour hues, and seaside resort shades epitomize an understated elegance.

The SS17 collection blends these different elements to perfectly capture the New Gentleman summer aesthetics.

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