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mars 2017

Alexandre Toesca was born in the late Seventies and raised in Paris in a sporty environment (rugby, tennis & basketball) surrounded by rather shallow posh girls. He has always lived by the motto ‘un esprit sain dans un corps sain’ (“a healthy mind in a healthy body”). He has always quested after refinement and loves to be surrounded by beautiful things. Alexandre produces events in Venice during carnival and the Biennales among which Festa del Redentore and MORE festival, he is a talented DJ and a keen photographer. He has spent short periods living and working in Santiago, Chile, and Sydney, Australia, and really considers himself a European citizen; currently he divides his time between Paris and Venice.

Elegance is: James Bond was right about it all, classicism, beauty and a twist of technology.

The dream journey: the combo = culture + good food + sports + diving. Return to Trancoso

Your favorite resort: the wild side of Saint-Tropez remains my favorite choice

In my summer suitcase: a good camera, a book, and sunglasses

Your style in 3 words: casual, comfortable and understated

It’s not summer without: the Mediterranean sea; nowhere else has that same cultural atmosphere and way of life


Characteristics of your favorite swimsuit: classic, differentiating and cool

Your city essential: large chic comfy trousers and a basic t-shirt

Your favorite book: Bret Easton Ellis and Michel Houellebecq are big names for sure… as an introduction to my life, Jay McInerney in ‘Bright lights big city’ pretty much summed up the life I wanted to live before I experienced it

3 places to visit: India. Never been. Cartagena and Tangieri


A song about summer: for an afternoon at the beach I would pick ‘Sunshower’ by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. It is precise, dreamy, fresh, intimate and true, melodic, up-beat. I’d also like to add Baby Face by War

Your best memory of a childhood holiday: I like the question, let me think…the end of the holidays before heading back to Paris when I was 8 years old, the last dives, the girl next to the other guy, the one I didn’t dare talk to, but I was already in the car watching the landscape roll by. Henri Salvador wrote one of the most unsettling sweet songs about this end-of-vacation experience as a teenager: “La Fin des Vacances”

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