Coast Society X Monocle


giugno 2017



Travel, the cult of beauty and modern man are the three concepts which bind together the Monocle philosophy with Coast Society; the brand’s sartorial expertise has teamed up with the knowledge and lifestyle of the renowned magazine, launched in 2007.

Dedicated to a nomadic, adventurous man with a passion for high-quality, exclusive clothing, the swim shorts in this capsule collection are an absolute must for summer resort holidays. They can be sported not just on the beach, but at a boat party off the coast of Capri too, or an aperitif in Cannes after a whole day spent in the sun.




Timeless style, research, craftsmanship and elegance: Monocle and Coast Society are both “bespoke” essentials for modern travellers with well-defined, sophisticated tastes. This intriguing meeting of shared values has culminated in a limited edition capsule collection, with just 150 pieces of each item.

The limited edition swim shorts is available at the Coast Society store in Saint-Tropez, at the Monocle stores in London, New-York, Tokyo, Toronto, Singapour and Hong-Kong and on the e-stores of both brands.

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