CS tailored by The Bespoke Dudes

A sartorial approach to swimwear

aprile 2016

The Italian love of tailoring is the driving force behind the capsule collection “Coast Society tailored by The Bespoke Dudes”, aimed at sophisticated men, world citizens, cosmopolitan travellers with a creative bent and an eye for detail. When Davide Jais, founder of Coast Society, met Fabio Attanasio of The Bespoke Dudes, the contemporary advocates of bespoke tailoring, the result was an ultra-sartorial, limited-edition piece inspired by the Dolce Vita of the 1950s, with a timeless style. Elegance is everything: this meeting of minds gave rise to a pair of swimming trunks inspired by the debonair Hollywood star, Cary Grant. It draws upon elements of sartorial trousers, which can be seen clearly in the details: from the side-buttoning waist tab and single belt-loop, to the inside button, to the deep, forward pleat.


These swim-trunks are designed for men who are bold, decisive and passionate about beauty; it can be worn on the beach, on a yacht or – why not – even around town, to relive the relaxed style of those fabled Italian vacation spots.

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